Pilot Services

Briscoe Group has a network of talented and proficient pilots ready to meet our client's flying demands. Our network includes pilots that have qualified in the King Air 350ER, Global Express, Twin Otter, U-28, C-146. We've structured ourselves to rapidly deploy and draw down pilots in order to meet government requests for services. This offers flexibility otherwise not had with full-time, year-round pilots on staff.



Our competent maintenance personnel have a wide range of aviation maintenance experience in both jet and prop aircraft. Having worked for the United States Air Force, Lockheed Martin, and Pratt & Whitney, our team has the military and industry know-how to tackle any maintenance operation.


Logistics and Engineering

With years of experience in the Air Force Materiel Command, Briscoe Group's team of PMs and engineers can tackle logistical, engineering and supply chain issues. We provide the US government with cost-effective contract services, no matter the size.